Singapore’s Top Finance Blogs & Websites You Should Know (2021 Update)


As they always, Google is your best frind.

When you’re learning about finances, you want to get your information from trustworthy sources. That’s how you can avoid making mistakes.

But many people know this already.

Instead, here’s a surprising – and very common – mistake novices make:

They read redundant finance blogs and websites. These platforms will only help you learn the very basics of the niche subjects you’re interested in. Thus, you’ll find it very challenging when you try to apply that info in the real world.

We’re here to help.

We’ve comprised a comprehensive list of the top finance blogs and websites in Singapore that will help you progress, improve your knowledge, and ultimately make the best choices regarding your finances.

Personal Finance

Here are your go-to websites if you want to learn more about personal finance and credit cards:

1. MoneySmart

This website is one of the first platforms that started writing about personal finance in Singapore. MoneySmart collaborates with banks to provide discounts for new credit card sign-ups. You’ll find lots of practical topics on MoneySmart that cover a wide range of day-to-day issues like:

– Loans

– Insurance

– Credit cards

– Retirement

– Big purchases like cars or homes

– Hot to build investment portfolios

– Investment


2. MoneySense

MoneySense is MAS’s and MoM’s baby, so basically, it’s the government’s initiative to improve financial literacy in Singapore. Use this platform if you want to:

– Learn how to organise your personal finance

– Use an accurate investment calculator

– Enroll in a vast array of programs, such as managing your debt or upgrading your job skills

– Plan for your retirement


3. Seedly

Seedly is similar to MoneySmart. They offer in-depth explanations on financial products as well as discounts and promotions. They even had an interesting article on winning 4D and Toto. Seedly offers:

– A comprehensive app for managing your finances, integrated with bank accounts in Singapore

– A tight financial community where you can find support and answers

– A blog where you can read more about personal finance and how to invest wisely; most authors are experienced, financial writers or financiers


4. For Tomorrow

For Tomorrow is best suited for young people with a different financial profile than middle-aged or elderly adults. This website’s primary purpose is to help you to invest wisely.

5. The New Savvy

This website is best for women who want to take the reins of their finances, including their careers and investments. As such, the New Savvy’s articles are written primarily for women, taking into account their very unique issues and opportunities.


6. SingSaver

SingSaver is best if you want:

– A quality platform that helps you compare different credit cards and loans

– Practical tips and tricks to save money

– Hacks to get more from your credit cards

– The latest financial news


7. Money Kinetics 

Money Kinetics offers information to help Singaporeans gain financial literacy. They break down complicated financial content into bite-sized articles that are easy to understand. Money Kinetics offers:

– Cost guides

– Loans

– Credit card guides

– Wedding costs and planning tips

– Budgeting and lifestyle articles


Investing and Trading


1. The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person is focused on investment advice. It is one of the top finance blogs in Singapore. Open this finance website to:

– Learn more about stocks and real estate investment trust opportunities, particularly in the Singapore, Malaysia and US market.

– Improve your financial literacy

– Achieve financial security


2. Investment Moats

This personal finance platform became active in 2005. During these years, Investment Moats published articles on investment topics like:

– How to grow and manage your wealth

– Understanding basic investment concepts

– How to analyse your stocks

– How to judge current investment policies

As a bonus, you can explore the creator’s Kyith Ng’s existing portfolio and dividend stock tracker.


3. Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth will help you through:

– Comprehensive guides on ETFs, REITs, value investing

– Courses targeted at different goals and finance education levels

– Actionable strategies to obtain high returns


4. TradingWithRayner

TradingWithRayner is best for:

– Retail investors

– Tips on becoming an independent trader

– Trading on asset classes

– Varied learning tools – from videos to e-books, articles, and even courses


5. Value Invest Asia

As its name suggests, this finance website will educate you on investing in the Asian market. This website is thus valuable if you want to invest locally.


6. A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)

AK created this website – he’s a Singaporean whose identity remains unknown. You can follow him for his wide range of articles covering many problem topics, including tips for undergraduates or insurance. But mostly, you can also follow his investments to learn how to apply those valuable tips.


7. SG Young Investment

SG Young Investment is another excellent finance blog where you can see how a young professional deals with investments. Thus, you’ll have a real-life example to use before you model your unique investment style.

Besides teaching you how to set your goals and invest wisely, the author offers one-on-one consulting services too.


 8. S-REITs Investment Blog

Real Estate Investment Trusts are extremely popular in Singapore. So, if you, like many other Singaporeans, are tempted to invest in REITs, check out this finance blog. You’ll learn what to look for and how the author thinks before picking a particular REIT to invest in.


9.  Endowus Insights

Endowus is a local start-up that teaches you how to use technology for:

– Making wise investments

– Finding the best opportunities

Their unique selling proposition is teaching you more about a largely ignored topic: trusts and mutual funds.


10. Investor One

This website teaches you about Catalist stocks on the Singapore exchange through:

– Analysis articles

– Interviews with C-level executives of Catalist companies

Thus, you can learn more about this niche of small but essential companies that don’t usually appear in mainstream media.


11. SGX MyGateway 

The Singapore Exchange administers this website, so you can learn more about how to invest in SGX stocks. Plus, you’ll get:

– Daily updates

– Pieces are written by SGX’s in-house authors and strategists


12. The Smart Investor 

The Smart Investor is like a phoenix bird rising from the ashes of a popular finance website: The Motley Fool. But unlike its previous incarnation, the Smart Investor doesn’t focus on more advice and strategies to make wise investments.


13. The Good Investor

The Good Investor is the other half of the Motley Fool come to life again. This website contains many valuable articles too, with its unique selling proposition of addressing newbies especially.

So, you’ll see that the info on The Good Investor is quite varied but also presented in an easy-to-understand language.


14. New Academy of Finance

New Academy of Finance launched barely two years ago, but it has produced a lot of content in the meantime. The creator, Royston Tan, is a finance analyst whose fundamental interest points regards to:

– Savings

– Passive investment

– Retirement issues


15. Investing Nook 

Goh Tee Leng, the person running this website, is a successful fund manager. So, read his articles and opinions to get more insights into the mind of a real-life Bobby Axelrod.


16. The Asia Report

The Asia Report’s unique proposition covers the pretty much-ignored niche of small to medium companies. The Asia Report was founded by Jun Hao, who also works as a portfolio manager. Thus, you’ll learn helpful strategies from someone who invests successfully for a living, including:

– Dividend investing

– Growth investing

– Value investing


17. PyInvesting

PyInvesting is a good choice if the idea of data-driven investments attracts you. The person running PyInvesting, Ivan Fok, worked at a hedge fund where his job was to build the trading system. Thus, PyInvesting helps you test several strategies using hard-cold data so that you can pick the correct investment method for your needs.

Here’s the catch:

You’ll need to pay a subscription fee to access this service.


Personal Blogs

1. Cheerful Egg

Cheerful Egg is a lifestyle blog where owner Lionel Yeo discusses his finances and his life in Singapore. Although there haven’t been any new posts in some time, the existing articles are a treasure trove of financial tips.


2. Budget Babe

Budget Babe addresses many sensitive topics, such as purchasing Bitcoin, along with more common ones like planning a wedding. Her unique selling proposition is a blend of finance/parenting tips from a woman’s perspective.

She also wrote about her entire wedding planning process, including the costs and how she cut down on wedding expenses.


3. Heartland Boy

Heartland Boy addresses finance topics regarding parenting, such as how much it costs to give birth in Singapore and why you should consider health insurance for your kid. Besides, you’ll relate to him, especially if you live in an HDB apartment.


4. My 15 Hour Work Week

Read this finance blog if you want to find out how to reach financial independence very early. The couple writing this website is already semi-retired at 29, so you can get a glimpse into their mindset. Besides, you’ll learn a lot from their investment portfolio.


5. Small Cap Asia

This blog features practical and insightful info about small-market capitalised stocks. Bonus: the founder is James Yeo, who used to write for The Motley Fool and DollarsAndSense.


6. Singapore IPOs

This blog is best if you want to learn more about a stock that hasn’t yet had its initial public offering on SGX. Basically, this website boasts comprehensive pieces for all companies on SGX Mainboard and Catalist after 7/7/2007. Plus, reading these articles guarantees a better IPO understanding.


7. Investment Stab

Investment Stab offers you info about:

– Managing your finances

– How to invest efficiently

– How to manage your CPF account

The unique selling point is that Singaporean students with a passion for finance are its authors.


8. Tree Of Prosperity

The Tree of Prosperity stands apart from other similar finance platforms because it touches on controversial subjects. For example, you’ll learn the author’s perspective on the best subjects to major in so you can become financially prosperous.



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