7 Ways To Feng Shui A Cubicle, Desk Or An Entire Office


According to recent studies, almost everyone working in an office experiences stress – that’s 92% of employees in Singapore. This stress epidemic is costing the healthcare system millions, plus it takes a considerable toll on people’s lives.

Luckily, Feng Shui has been proven to help.

These orientation principles harness specific energy that triggers success, wealth, love, and productivity. We all know that these are key traits to success.

Incorporating Feng Shui in your office design can bring more balance, concentration, and focus to your work.

1. Create a Clutter-Free Environment

The cornerstone of Feng Shui is neatness and lack of clutter.

Clutter and mess promote stagnant energy because they trigger the low vibrations associated with an inability to move forward. When your workspace is filled with unnecessary things and even garbage, that’s what you will attract.

So the point of Feng Shui is to surround yourself with the things you want the Universe to give you.

And those things aren’t heaps of paperwork, empty mugs of coffee, and dust.

Instead, you need a clean office and desk. This space promotes concentration and productivity, so be sure to clear any irrelevant items before and after your workday.

The result is that you’ll have more space to focus actively on your tasks during the workday. This tangible space subconsciously translates into your mind as mental space. That way, you feel more clear-headed and ready to take on more tasks.

2. Choose Your Office Colours Carefully

Your office, cubicle, and even your desk can nestle your creativity. That creativity isn’t just a mental ability or an innate trait some people are born with; you can siphon that creativity from your environment.

Colours are essential factors that nestle innovation.

Here’s how it works:

Feng Shui postulates that the colours in your environment determine specific vibrations, creating different energies. Some energies are better for work, productivity, and motivation than others. In the same way, others fuel rest, love, or stamina.

Logically, you want your workspace decorated in colours that increase your desire for work and success.

Here are some examples:

– Blue creates an atmosphere of success and professional growth.

– Yellow elevates your mood, creating a happy work environment.

– Green represents the colour of health and youth. This colour is perfect for highly creative, innovative workspaces.

White is a pure colour representing creation. So, if you want to unleash your subconscious creative powers, incorporate more white in your office design.

– Beige and light brown promote calmness and decrease stress.

– Red and orange are vibrant colours that increase energy levels, thus helping you become more productive.

Of course, you can mix and match these colours however you need to reach your goals. For example, a combination of green, white and orange is perfect for stimulating creative energies. A blue and brown office space would be perfect for a teacher.

3. Bring Nature Inside

According to Feng Shui, nature helps us connect to the Universe. That’s why it would be excellent for your office to have wide-open windows and an ample outdoor garden where you could recharge.

Unfortunately, that’s impossible in most office buildings.

Ideally, your office would at least be positioned near a window. If that’s not possible either, bring some of that nature inside.

Purchase a plant or two that thrive indoors, without much natural light.

Warning: Remember the first Feng Shui principle discussed above, and don’t clutter your desk with plants.

4. Purchase an Ergonomic Chair and Place It Correctly

A comfortable chair is essential when you’re working an office job.

Remember that you’re spending eight to ten hours sitting in that chair. So you don’t need Feng Shui, but common sense to tell you the importance of maintaining a good posture throughout that many hours.

You want an ergonomic chair that aligns your spine, lowers your shoulders, and opens your hips.

Feng Shui principles state that high-back office chairs are best for increasing positive energy. Their tall designs promote inspiration and professional growth because you feel more supported.

Remember also to consider your chair’s colour.

For example, black promotes wealth and prosperity, while dark red is an excellent choice for vibrant creativity. Alternatively, you can choose a green office chair to ask the Universe to bless you with creativity and help you grow.

Chair placement is essential too.

Because you want to eliminate stagnant energy, it’s best to place your chair facing an open, bright space. Moreover, don’t sit next to or face doorways because these are energy black holes.

5. Place Your Desk at the Entrance

Setting your desk at your office’s entrance has the symbolic meaning of being in command. The position represents being open to the world and its rich possibilities. That way, you attract more opportunities.

How can you draw in the same energy if you’re working in a cubicle?

Obviously, you can’t move that cubicle for the sake of Feng Shui, but you can use a mirror to see the doorway in front of you throughout the day.

6. Create a Positive Energy


Choose decorations that create a happy, homey, and positive energy. Remember not to bring too many trinkets into your office, though.

However, Feng Shui encourages you to display photos with your loved ones or with your favourite moments. You can also set your office up with motivational quotes to increase your creativity.

Remember: Each office has a purpose (e.g., decreasing stress, promoting wealth, increasing creativity, etc.). So, choose two-three decorations according to this goal.

7. Become More Positive

Feng Shui isn’t a magic bullet that can help you fight all work-related problems. Even a perfectly arranged office space can fail if you have the wrong mentality.

So, be mindful of yourself. Show gratitude and be open to change and opportunities. Also, strive to focus on solutions rather than problems or people.

If you feel stressed during the day, take a few minutes to meditate and recenter yourself.


In Conclusion

Feng Shui can help recalibrate your energies to become more productive at work. So, don’t let a tight budget hamper that growth.

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