How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business


For a business to succeed today, you’ll need enough business funds and social marketing. That includes having a Facebook business page.

People prefer to buy from companies that showcase their values, authenticity, and expertise. Facebook helps you do that.

With 2.91 billion monthly active users worldwide and 4.68 million in Singapore (aka 73% of the country’s population), Facebook is a goldmine for building your brand identity, connecting to your audience, and increasing sales. On Facebook, you can post news, behind-the-scenes pictures, and infographics. You can also create contests and incentivise your audience to produce user-generated content.

That’s why 200 million companies already have Facebook pages and leverage this platform in their campaigns. They run Facebook ads to boost their sales! Tuition centres, cafes, dental clinics and more are already benefitting from it.

So, here’s how you can do it too!

How To Create Your Facebook Business Page

The section below breaks down all the steps towards creating your Facebook Business Page. You can understand better with examples, so let’s assume you’re a driving instructor aiming to promote your small business.

1. Login with Your Personal Account


You’ll need a personal Facebook account to manage the page.

You can’t create a business page that’s not connected to a personal profile. Your personal Facebook account won’t show up publicly, though.

Thus, the person who creates a business page from their personal profile is the page’s admin. However, other people can also gain access to that business page from their private accounts. You can establish different roles for your other teammates to manage several aspects of this page.

2. Sign Up

Go to facebook.com/pages/create and fill in your business info:

› Page name: This should be the company name you’re using. Some people use distinct brand names instead of the legal entity’s name.

› Category: Choose a word that best describes your business industry, such as “driving” As soon as you add one keyword, Facebook will start suggesting others, such as “driving school.”

› Description field: Describe your business by focusing on what it can do for your customers and underline your unique selling proposition. For example, instead of writing “I am a proficient driving instructor with awesome results,” consider writing “Team up with the best driving instructor that supports you towards your dream. We’ll fight your driving anxiety together so that you can fall in love with driving.”

3. Add Photos

One picture speaks a thousand words. Besides, Facebook is a visual platform, and images are essential to its users. The photos you choose will:

Contour your reputation

Showcase your successes

Explain your products/services

Entice with new offers

Start with your profile photo, which should be representative of your business. For example, you can lean on your car to showcase its look and suggest its features.

You should also add other images, such as:

Pictures from your driving lessons with your students

Photos with your customers after getting their licences

Pictures with specific intersections in various neighbourhoods, parking tutorials, and so forth

4. Create Your Username

Your username should be easy to type and memorable. That way, people will remember how to look for you on Facebook.

Something catchy will be nice too.

5. Fill in Your Details

Don’t omit this step because Facebook users read this section to find more info on your business. If that information is missing, they won’t dig deeper or call you directly to ask – they’ll go to your competition.

So, open up the section “Set Your Page up for Success” to add details such as:



Opening hours

Remember: Create a call-to-action button so your Facebook visitors will be more likely to do what you want them to.

Pro tip: You can change your page visibility status to unpublished from the Manage Page Menu/Settings/General/Page Visibility. This option allows you to keep your business page private on Facebook until you craft every section perfectly.

6. Post Something

Pro tip: Don’t invite people to like a blank page.

Start posting relevant content that will attract and convince people before adding anyone. For inspiration, you should look at what other similar businesses are posting on social media.

Imagine the personality you want to contour and outline your goals. Then, ensure your messages fit this personality and objectives.

For instance, you may want to cater specifically to people with driving anxiety.

As such, you have to:

› Show your expertise to build trust. Post lessons, solved questions, and tricky situations on the roads.

› Show your empathy. Use motivational quotes, mantras, examples of guided meditations and even your journey.

› Underline your success stories. Post about people with driving anxiety you’ve helped.

7. Invite People

Now that your Facebook page is finished, you can invite people to like it. You can start with your friends, existing customers, or people you’ve met on dedicated groups.

For example, if you’re part of a driving group and have made acquaintances there, you can send them invites.

How To Improve Your Facebook Business Page

You can optimise your page by posting relevant content regularly and actively promoting it. That means you’ll have to start liking other pages and interacting with your customers.

You may also create Facebook ads and add other social media channels to the mix. For this, having a good business loan can help with the cash flow.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to build that Facebook community, though.

So, consider outsourcing these tasks to an online marketing agency. MPM Capital will help you with customised and quick financial assistance.

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