7 Best Websites To Buy Businesses In Singapore


Planning to be a business owner? There is plenty of products and services your business can do. However, one of the best ways to start is by buying a business. Buying a business is ideal if you don’t have much experience in a particular industry.

Looking for a business for sale in Singapore? Then you need the funds, the research, and the planning. And you need to be looking on the right platform.

Where can you buy a business in Singapore? MPM Capital strives to help all businesses in Singapore. We have compiled this list of websites where you can find businesses for sale in Singapore. Get a headstart now!


1. Ebizsurf

Ebizsurf has been the go-to place for people who need to sell their businesses in Singapore since 2012. With an easy and accessible platform, Ebizsurf’s tools are designed so entrepreneurs can confidently advertise their companies or look through available listings.

There are many reasons why this platform deserves recognition; besides its solid reputation among businesses owners:

Ebizsurf has been offering verified services for buyers-sellers since 2012.

The offers are entirely vetted, so you can buy a business from the Singapore markets.

The platform is accessible enough, though getting used to the 2000s web design takes a while. However, you can notice specific categories for businesses and investors. The premium listings are on the left, while the valuable reading resources are on the right. You also have separate sections for messages and your portfolio in the upper part of the website.

Link to Ebizsurf

2. BusinessForSale.com

Business For Sale Singapore has been around since 1996 and is still going strong! It’s the best place to buy or sell your company if you’re looking for a value-for-money platform.

Marketing through this website is affordable for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. Investors will also get good deals, buying into quality startups before getting big enough that someone else might want them too.

Popular industries on this platform include:


Childcare and nurseries

Education companies


Internet businesses


Link to BusinessForSale.com

3. Easy Buy Sell Business

If you want to buy a business in Singapore, there is no better place than Easy Buy Sell. They offer low-commission services for any company you’ll need, whether your purchase involves buying or selling a retail store or an engineering company.

The website may look a bit confusing initially, but don’t quit yet.

The information is well organized in the tabs at the top of the page. Here, you can find a business for sale by browsing different industries, services, and “how it works” (aka listing prices). You can also spend some time on their practical blog if you need additional help.

Otherwise, go straight ahead into finding your next company. The most popular industries include:


Building and Construction

Computer, Internet & Technology


Entertainment & Leisure

Food & Beverage

Hair and Beauty

Health, Medical and Fitness


Real Estate

Link to Easy Buy Sell Business

4. Business For Sale.sg

Business For Sale Singapore advertises itself as the “largest sell and buy business for sale platform” in Singapore. The cited numbers aim to prove this statement, with over 100,000 registered buyers, 20,000 businesses and 5,000 sold companies.

And no, it’s not the same Singapore Business For Sale as #3.

The top business categories on this website include:


Entertainment and leisure

Food and beverage

Hair and beauty

Health care and fitness

Information technology




Wholesale and distribution

Therefore, you can find a slew of opportunities at your fingertips. Besides, the platform has an intuitive design, highlighting spotlight franchises, featured businesses for sale, industries, and business brokers.

Business For Sale Singapore also addresses brokers who can use the website to join this marketplace and find buyers for their clients more efficiently. The advantages are numerous, with no commission, setup fee, or agent fee for companies and brokers.

Link to Business For Sale.sg

5. Angel Investment Network

Angel Investment Network specifically addresses startups in Singapore. This platform provides the perfect meeting place for small business owners and investors looking for more opportunities in their field.

Larger companies aren’t entirely overlooked, though. Even if Angel Investment Network speaks to small businesses who want to flourish their company, larger firms can also learn new techniques to accelerate growth.

Besides, the platform has a long-standing tradition in Singapore, facilitating business relationships between companies and investors for over ten years. The most popular listings include:


Business services








Link to Angel Investment Network

6. Smergers

Smergers is one of the best platforms to buy a business in Singapore because it caters to investors, advisors, acquirers, and lenders. If you’re undecided to buy a business today, you can dip your toes in the water by collaborating with one first.

Smergers work quickly, so franchisees and sellers can find clients without wasting time. The platform gives you access to a broad, global network of specialists, which is extremely helpful for companies looking to expand.

The listings are well-vetted, encompassing 81,000+ pre-screened businesses and investors from 900+ industries. It has one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use websites in the industry.

The “How To” and “Q&A” sections are very useful for finding the right business for sale.

Link to Smergers

7. Business Takeover

If you’re looking for a business for takeover, this platform is the right place – after all, it’s what its name promises. You can use it to buy a business or franchise, navigating this minimalistic-looking website.

Business Takeover Singapore has a unique selling proposition: Erasing the borders and bureaucracy between business owners and buyers. Therefore, they offer a digital environment where buyers and sellers can build relationships and interact with prospects.

As you can see, their generous offer is displayed in intuitive categories that are easy to browse. People interested in buying or taking over a Singapore company can do so in minutes. Conversely, companies can advertise their advantages and gain the traction they deserve to make the best deals.

Link to Business Takeover


Buy Business Singapore

The options above address different audiences, but they’re all vetted and professional. If you want to buy a business in Singapore, you’ll need to find a website catering to your needs. There are many options in Singapore so take ample time to compare before deciding.

These websites doesn’t just allow you to buy a business in Singapore, but it also provides information and reviews about the business and the industry. You never know when a new business idea will pop up too!

You also want to choose the right company in a field you know and are passionate about. If you’re a business owner who is looking for business financing, find out what MPM Capital has to offer you!


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