One of the Fastest Approval and Loan Reimbursement

Once you turn in your loan application and the required supporting documents, our team will review the application and connect you to the right financial institutions that can offer you the amount that you need. Our loan assessment and approval process can be as quick as 1 hour to a day.

We Provide Greater Chances of Approval

Traditional financiers have very strict requirements, which means that they often turn down businesses looking for funding for failure to meet them. With MPM Capital, your chances of getting a “yes” are much higher as compared to a traditional financial institution in Singapore.

We Practice Flexible Financing

Your loan application goes to several different institutions that you qualify for, so that you can get to review all the terms and conditions that each all at once, and choose one that suits you the best. Additionally, our credit score requirements are not as strict, meaning that even if you have a low credit score, you can still get financing. This flexibility is one of the top advantages that most of our clients really appreciate, and therefore continue to refinance with us.

MPM Capital Overview

The funds that businesses need to grow can be used for a variety of business needs. The funds that property investments need in order to bring returns. We are happy and willing to partner with you and help you in your times of need.

Why Choose MPM Capital?

MPM Capital Pte. Ltd. (MPM Capital) is a business consultancy firm based in Singapore. Our main objectives are to assist SMEs looking for funding as well as clients with their property purchases or investments.

Our first specialty is in SME financing. We use our network and expertise to help the various clients who approach us for loans secure funding. We make sure the process is hassle-free and we connect them to the very best, low interest opportunities for which they qualify.

MPM Capital’s second specialty is funding for property purchases and investments. With our large pool of network and funds, we are able to provide large property loans up to $5 million for you to secure the most comfortable home or the property with the greatest potential.

We understand SMEs and the struggle they go through to find the financing they need to set up shop as our founders are also entrepreneurs who experienced humble beginnings. We admire the spirit of entrepreneurs and we are sure that with our support, technology, experienced businessmen and financiers, you will be able to take your business through the various stages of growth without having to worry about where the finances will come from.

The Customers Who We Serve

Our commitment is to help local businesses grow and help clients secure their ideal properties. We are committed to supporting them and helping them find financing solutions so that they achieve their potential. With us, they can be sure that the funding will come with lower costs than they would get with traditional financing companies. Additionally, they can expect to go through a shorter loan processing period.

Our Team

We are a company that merges finance and technology. We take advantage of the very best software and technology tools to make sure that our financial system remains one of the best. Our team has been carefully put together to ensure that you can take advantage of people with plenty of expertise in a variety of areas that include corporate finance, business analysis, information technology, corporate network and credit risk control. All our people are techno savvy and will leverage technology to make sure that you get the very best funding terms possible.

Contact MPM Capital Today To Find Out More.

Never let the lack of funding hold you back again. We have made a name for ourselves helping our clients get the funding they need with the best possible terms. We are a trusted partner and we offer you flexible business and property loans that you will not find elsewhere. We also pride in offering one of the most competitive interest rates in town. Get in touch with us now.


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